Foods You Need To Eat For A Beautiful, Glowing Skin And Hair

“You are what you eat!”

Well, it turns out my mother was right all along. So before you check what’s on your vanity table for a beauty fix, why don’t you take a look what’s in your kitchen instead? I’m sure you will be surprised to find out how much food can we eat that can affect our skin and hair.

So if you are looking for something that could give you healthy-looking, glowing skin, and hair, you might want to keep some of these superfoods in your fridge.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon, the ones that are not farm raised, is just one of the best foods that can help your skin moisturized and supple; thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. But this doesn’t end here! There’s a very interesting fact that salmon comes with selenium, a mineral that can help you protect your skin from sun exposure.

And if you’re someone like me who’s quite obsessed with her short hair, you’d be glad to know that this fatty fish can help you keep your strands shiny. My hair often tends to get dry from curling even if I’m already using the perfect curling iron for short hair. So I was very pleased to know that omega-3 fatty acids can help my hair produce natural oils to keep my hair hydrated.

What’s even great is that you will not have any difficulty adding salmon to your diet as there are a lot of ways you can enjoy this beauty superfood. You can bake this fish, grill it, add it to your pasta, and so much more.


Coconut water is my favorite after-workout-drink since it is s a good, natural hydration aid and contains potassium that can help your body move nutrients into your cells. Its oil, on the other hand, is very high in healthy fats, minerals as well as vitamins E and K which are all excellent natural nutrients for your hair that can help boost growth and shine as it moisturized the scalp.

So you might want to swap vegetable with coconut oil for high-heat cooking.

Bonus tip! I used coconut oil as my pre-wash conditioning treatment as it is effective in minimizing protein loss. I noticed how the strands of my hear become strong, less vulnerable to damage and can now be easily managed. There’s nothing the curling iron for fine hair can’t fix now!


Almonds are rich with two nutrients that are important in making the skin healthy: vitamin E and flavonoids. It’s very impressive how almonds can help you keep damaging free radicals at bay, including even the oxidative damage that is caused by smoking.

In addition to that, almond is also a great source of protein, fiber while its content of selenium and manganese can help you keep your hair shiny. So make sure you add some almonds into your diet, snacking a handful of it would be helpful enough.


Well, who would have thought that one of the breakfast staples is a serious helper for a healthier hair?  Eggs have sulfur content which is an essential nutrient which helps with almost everything, from liver function to vitamin B absorption.

Sulfur is also very important for keratin and collagen production which help you keep your hair shiny, your skin glowing and even stronger nails.

Final Thought

The secret to making your skin glowing and your hair healthy can’t be found in your make up case. It is in your diet! So get ready to chow your way to better skin and hair. I’m sure your body would thank you for it.

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