Skin Care Therapy that Makes Your Skin Look Bright And Shine

We all know that people go across different acne issues that becomes serious problems for them. They can’t touch them. Acne doesn’t leave their skin even though they try their level best to cater this medical condition. Along with acne various other problems arise. It dries your skin, can convert itself into fungus and even skin cancer.

Reasons for increase in skin problem

Due to increase in pollution levels and constant emission of ultraviolet rays our skin is at constant threat of being harmed. People lose their skin tone, get rashes and dark circles plus wrinkle formation is seen on their faces. Due to carbon and UV exposure on our skin, bacteria are formed. These bacteria exhaust the supply of oxygen which causes skin cells to die. Moreover, they also tackle the immunity of your skin. Due to less production of collagen person losses its natural glow and causes more wrinkles to form.

How to protect your skin?

To get relief from these issues, skin therapy is endorsed. Various methods are implied by skin doctors according to the intensity of medical condition. Most common therapies include the usage of LED lights. Using different LED lights such as red and blue people can minimize these issues.

Usage of blue LED lights

Blue LED lights are specially designed to fight acne, people aging between 15 to 25 are most vulnerable to acne. At least 85% of the population in globe do get acne at some point in their life. Teenage who are hitting their puberty usually have the most cases in the world. Acne is also one of the medical product of hormonal imbalance.

Function of Blue LED lights

Well, blue LED lights can work against it and provides an edge over bacterial infection. Simple process of blue LED lights can help generate oxygen radicals which fight against bacteria. LED lights generate different wavelengths that causes cells to get free from bacteria and nourish them with oxygen. People having dead skin can be best cured with this therapy. This light has no harmful effect on skin and its exposure is completely safe.

Red LED lights and therapy

Red lights are specially designed to counter wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and UV damaged skin. Women are more conscious about their aging issue. Wrinkles add on the age effect and natural beauty is lost. Different spots on your face and body contains higher tendency to age quickly. Skin becomes dull and less glowing. One of the major hinderance to wear beautiful clothes are stretch marks. These marks dissolve the beauty of skin and women ends up covering these marks. Though these issues can be easily addressed by red LED lights therapy.

Function of red LED lights

The main function of red LED light is to increase the potential immunity of your skin. To make your skin powerful enough to produce enough collagen. This collagen effect fights against different harmful rays and smoke. The results of red LED lights are very promising for skin therapy. It can restore your beauty makes you glow and provides young skin.

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