Skin Care Therapy that Makes Your Skin Look Bright And Shine

We all know that people go across different acne issues that becomes serious problems for them. They can’t touch them. Acne doesn’t leave their skin even though they try their level best to cater this medical condition. Along with acne various other problems arise. It dries your skin, can convert itself into fungus and even skin cancer.

Reasons for increase in skin problem

Due to increase in pollution levels and constant emission of ultraviolet rays our skin is at constant threat of being harmed. People lose their skin tone, get rashes and dark circles plus wrinkle formation is seen on their faces. Due to carbon and UV exposure on our skin, bacteria are formed. These bacteria exhaust the supply of oxygen which causes skin cells to die. Moreover, they also tackle the immunity of your skin. Due to less production of collagen person losses its natural glow and causes more wrinkles to form.

How to protect your skin?

To get relief from these issues, skin therapy is endorsed. Various methods are implied by skin doctors according to the intensity of medical condition. Most common therapies include the usage of LED lights. Using different LED lights such as red and blue people can minimize these issues.

Usage of blue LED lights

Blue LED lights are specially designed to fight acne, people aging between 15 to 25 are most vulnerable to acne. At least 85% of the population in globe do get acne at some point in their life. Teenage who are hitting their puberty usually have the most cases in the world. Acne is also one of the medical product of hormonal imbalance.

Function of Blue LED lights

Well, blue LED lights can work against it and provides an edge over bacterial infection. Simple process of blue LED lights can help generate oxygen radicals which fight against bacteria. LED lights generate different wavelengths that causes cells to get free from bacteria and nourish them with oxygen. People having dead skin can be best cured with this therapy. This light has no harmful effect on skin and its exposure is completely safe.

Red LED lights and therapy

Red lights are specially designed to counter wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and UV damaged skin. Women are more conscious about their aging issue. Wrinkles add on the age effect and natural beauty is lost. Different spots on your face and body contains higher tendency to age quickly. Skin becomes dull and less glowing. One of the major hinderance to wear beautiful clothes are stretch marks. These marks dissolve the beauty of skin and women ends up covering these marks. Though these issues can be easily addressed by red LED lights therapy.

Function of red LED lights

The main function of red LED light is to increase the potential immunity of your skin. To make your skin powerful enough to produce enough collagen. This collagen effect fights against different harmful rays and smoke. The results of red LED lights are very promising for skin therapy. It can restore your beauty makes you glow and provides young skin.

Amazing Tips to Take Care of Your skin in Summer

Summer is an amazing time of 12 months, however, the sun and heat can take a toll on your pores and skin, hair, and body. That doesn’t suggest you need to live interior — with a little skincare and a few precautions, you can revel in summer to its fullest.

Try a Self-Tanner

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are very adverse, particularly UVA rays. They no longer simplest burn your skin and reason premature growing old; however also can lead to skin most cancers.

So, in preference to lying for hours in the sun, get that solar kissed glow with a self-tanner. Many salons provide spray-on tan offerings, or you can purchase an inexpensive self-tanning lotion at your local drugstore. Gradual self-tanning moisturizers maintain your pores and skin clean as they help you manage simply precisely how bronzed you end up, and they may be much less vulnerable to streaking. Just recall exfoliating before you apply self-tanner to cast off any dry pores and skin that could pick out up extra shade and cause an uneven look.

Slather on Sunscreen

Many dermatologists advise the usage of a sunscreen with a sun protection component (SPF) of at least 30. The Skin Cancer Foundation factors out that exams validated SPF 30 products block out most effective 4 percentage extra rays — 97 percent in comparison to 93 percentage for SPF 15. So understand which you’re getting more protection with SPF 30, but not double the quantity of SPF 15. In the beyond, wide-spectrum SPF sunscreens made skin look whitish due to the opaque nature of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which bodily block UV rays, however, with greater subtle, micronized formulations, you could get their sun safety advantages without the ghostly look.

Remember Hair Care

The beating solar will hit your hair tough, but there are a number of sprays containing SPF that you may put on when you wash your hair. This is ought to if your tresses have been chemically dealt with. Don’t over wash your hair as this may cast off the oils that obviously shield it.

Exfoliate Head to Toe

Expensive scrubs and salts feel incredible, however, in case you’re on a price range, you could do simply as right a process the usage of an exfoliation mitt or glove and your regular frame wash. Gentle exfoliation is essential in case you’ve had any place waxed, mainly within the bikini region, as it can help prevent ingrown hairs.

Moisturize and Nourish With Oils

Elbows, feet, and ankles can get very dry, so attempt avocado oil to maintain them healthful and clean. Avocado oil now, not handiest moisturizes, but additionally has nourishing effect because it incorporates diet E.

Be Kind to Your Face

Chemical peels, creams, scrubs, and other products containing glycolic acids and retinoid must have for skincare not be used in case you spend more of your time under the sun: These treatments can make your skin more solar sensitive and cause greater damage to your skin. If you have to use them, put on a hat and sunscreen to defend your face. Follow this advice as properly if you’re taking sure antibiotics, including tetracycline, which additionally makes you more prone to sunburn.

Try Mineral Makeup

Because mineral makeup has a light powder base, it received sweat off as effortlessly as an everyday basis. Some mineral bases even include a built-in SPF. And you don’t just lay out a fortune: Check out what’s in the aisles at your neighbourhood pharmacy or grocery store. There are many cheaper brands there which are as top as the greater steeply-priced merchandise bought in branch shops.

You Are What You Eat

Your skincare should includes lots of nutrients and minerals to live healthily, so take a look at out your neighbourhood farmer’s marketplace for the hottest fare in summer time end result and veggies. Foods wealthy in antioxidants and protein, such as fresh produce, fish, and eggs, can stimulate collagen boom, which keeps the pores and skin elastic and enables prevent wrinkles.

Drink Plenty of Water

The beating sun can dry your pores and skin and make you sweat extra, so maintain hydrated by means of drinking masses of water. If you’re lively, you want to drink at the least eight glasses at some point of the day. Be cautious although: You can surely drink an excessive amount of and that may be risky. Your body loses fluids due to overheating of body temperature. You ought to drink masses of water and different fluids in summer season months. At least 7-8 glasses of water are advised. You can consist of Aloe Vera juice in your food regimen because it enables in calming the skin and has numerous different health blessings as nicely. It is crucial to hydrate yourself as much as feasible to keep the frame temperature and hydrate internally.

Beat the Itch

Bug bites can itch and look ugly for weeks when they come to be infected. If you occur to get a sting, practice cold compresses, follow chilled aloe vera gel two times every day till itching resolves.

Be Gentle

During hotter months we generally tend to produce greater oil and this means some people use overly competitive skin care merchandise. You can use a mild foaming cleanser to do away with extra oil however no longer totally strip your skin. If your pores and skin feel tight after cleaning, the purifier is too competitive.

Mellow your yellow!

Many people choose gels or long-lasting chemical nail varnishes to preserve chlorine and salt water from chipping away at polish. Unfortunately, those chemical-laden lacquers also leave your nails with a yellow stain.
Soak your nails for ten minutes in an aggregate of four components water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Use a buffer and gently rub down almond or jojoba oil into your nails and nail bed to get them back to their healthful, herbal hue.


In summer days, we want to clean hair almost daily, because they become cheesy quicker. Use a mild or herbal shampoo that does not incorporate chemical compounds. Also, avoid the use of heavy conditioners because it could make hair appearance sticky in summer.

How To Sharpen Clipper Blades: The Best And Most Effective Way

What is the use of owning the best hair clippers when the blades are no longer properly cutting your hair? Would you just have to suffer from the excruciating pain every time the razor pulls the hair during your shaving session?

Do you always get frustrated whenever your clippers are not properly sharpened and maintained each time you are using it? Well, just like every other tool, once you fail to maintain your clippers, you will definitely not be able to reap its overall benefits of owning it.

Regular use of your hair clippers will eventually lead to wear of its blade surface. This is because of many reasons like the heat generated by the friction and vibration that could later wear the machine out, leading to the constant performance of the clipper’s blades to tarnish.

Don’t you just hate it when the razor starts to jerk the hair while you are trying to make a swift cut? I definitely do, I hate how this can cause extreme pain. As a result, I made this article to help you learn how to sharpen clipper blades.

So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading below for you to know all about sharpening the blades of your clipper.

How to Know Your Clipper Blades need Sharpening

Figuring out the efficiency of your clipper’s blades is very important. So how do you really know that it is time to sharpen the blades? Well, this is a question that should be running through the minds of every owner and user of a clipper.

Below are just a few of the signs:

  • Once your clipper starts to shave or cut messily or begin to be jerking or tugging instead of cutting, it becomes very important that you sharpen your blades to improve its output.
  • Another good warning that you already be sharpening your blades is if your clippers are starting to pull the hairs rather than cutting them. Well, I guess you will notice this immediately since it would be really painful

Steps on Sharpening Your Clipper Blades

Let’s begin with all the things you will need for this task. These are:

  • Your dull hair clippers (of course)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Clipper oil
  • Bench stone
  • Philips screwdriver
  • A small rag

Among this set of equipment, the sharpening stone is apparently the most significant piece of equipment. I actually used a Japanese water stones Arkansas stone since it is the only bench stone I have, though you can always use Arkansas stone or diamond stone. Actually, you can just use some wet sandpaper as long as it is super fine.

On the other hand, I can really say that it is best to use water stones for this task. They are just perfect for the job. But don’t forget to soak them before you begin. If you are using Arkansas stone or diamond stone, make sure that you hit them up with a bit of lubricant before you even start.

Anyways, here are the steps on how to sharpen clipper blades.

1. Have your clippers disassembled

With the use of your Phillips screwdriver, take the clippers apart. Make sure to do this carefully. Anyway, a set of clippers come with two blades. Pull them out and clean them using the cleaning brush.

Don’t forget to brush some hidden dirt, dust and all any hair rubble within the clippers too.

2. Time to get the blades sharpened

Now, we need to sharpen the flats of both the bottom and top of the blade. What’s great is that this is very easy to do; in fact, it is much easier compared to sharpening your knife.

Begin by laying the blade flat over the stone, then use a gentle pressure to run the blades back and forth to the end to end of the stone. Sharpening the blades should not take you much. I recommend you do at least 10 passes along the stone.

The trick here is to keep the flats of the blades as flat as possible on the stone. You will ruin the entire process if you won’t keep the blades flat. There are even some people I know who use a magnet as a handle. Well I think is this another level of sharpening your clipper but if you don’t have any special magnet yet, your index fingers and thumb will do the job just fine.

Actually, there’s no need to be using a super fine stone just to get the most decent and finest result, but it won’t hurt doesn’t it? I’ve used my 1000 grit stone in sharpening my blades and to make it even more impressive, I polished it with my 6000 grit stone just because I have it at hand.

The whole process of sharpening the blades only took me about a minute or two plus it is really super easy.

3. Keep the blades clean and oil them up

Now that you are done sharpening your blades, of course, you will want it clean. So I used a bit of water and soap to clean the blades, you can rub alcohol too if you want.

Then I decided to oil them up before I will reassemble them. This will help you prevent any rust on your blades. Make sure to blot away any excess oil after.

4. Now start reassembling your clippers

This is possibly going to be the trickiest part of the entire process. I suggest that you will spend the first few moments lining up the blades properly before you begin reassembling them. Remember that the blades are now sharp, so you have to be extra careful.

Dial in the blades into your clippers and add another drop of oil to the blades, then you can now fire up your clippers. It would be great if you won’t tighten the blades down all the way unless you are already very sure that you have everything adjusted the way you want it to be.

Before you start using your clippers, make sure that everything has been properly placed back together.

Bonus Tips! Ways on How You Can Take Care of Your Clippers

If you are frequently using your clippers, you really have to make sure that they are in good working order; properly taking care of it will help you keep your clippers performing at their best.

1. Keep the blades clean at all times

Before you begin using your hair clippers, you have to make sure that the blade area is clean and make sure that you remove any hair and debris. These tiny deposits will act like sand or grit if they get between the blades as well as the blade teeth.

Fortunately, most of the clippers being sold in the market come with their own small clipper brush as well as cleaning kit; most of these brushes I find to be too small and fragile. This is why I prefer to be using an old hard toothbrush so I could really get in among every corner of the clipper; a hair tint brush or a cheap fingernail brush can also be a good alternative, as long as they are sturdy enough.

2. Oil the blade every time you are cutting it.

This is paramount to taking care and maintaining your clipper’s blade. Having your clipper well-oiled will last you several years. In fact, the main cause of the breakage of the good quality clipper is mainly because of lack of oil.

The rule is quite simple, every time you decide to use your clipper, you should be applying some oil to it. It would even be best if you develop this as a habit before you start turning the equipment on; in this way, you will never be able to forget it.

Apply at least one drop of oil to every corner of the moving blade, add few drops too in the middle, into the blade teeth. Then turn on the clipper and allow it to run for few moments so the oil could evenly spread. Don’t forget to dab any excess oil, then you’re good to go.

But you have to be careful not to apply too much oil or else it will only attract a whole heap of dirt, dust and of course, hair clippings which will eventually clog up the blade.

Final Thought

It’s quite unfortunate that no matter how much we take care of our clippers and no matter how much we spend time cleaning it, time will eventually come that the blades will start to get dull.  The good news is that there’s no need to replace the clipper’s blade, you don’t have to spend a bit of your savings. With the simple steps of how to sharpen clipper blades, you can use your clippers again like brand new.

Anyway, I hope you find this article to be helpful enough. If you still have any more question, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends too!

Foods You Need To Eat For A Beautiful, Glowing Skin And Hair

“You are what you eat!”

Well, it turns out my mother was right all along. So before you check what’s on your vanity table for a beauty fix, why don’t you take a look what’s in your kitchen instead? I’m sure you will be surprised to find out how much food can we eat that can affect our skin and hair.

So if you are looking for something that could give you healthy-looking, glowing skin, and hair, you might want to keep some of these superfoods in your fridge.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon, the ones that are not farm raised, is just one of the best foods that can help your skin moisturized and supple; thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. But this doesn’t end here! There’s a very interesting fact that salmon comes with selenium, a mineral that can help you protect your skin from sun exposure.

And if you’re someone like me who’s quite obsessed with her short hair, you’d be glad to know that this fatty fish can help you keep your strands shiny. My hair often tends to get dry from curling even if I’m already using the perfect curling iron for short hair. So I was very pleased to know that omega-3 fatty acids can help my hair produce natural oils to keep my hair hydrated.

What’s even great is that you will not have any difficulty adding salmon to your diet as there are a lot of ways you can enjoy this beauty superfood. You can bake this fish, grill it, add it to your pasta, and so much more.


Coconut water is my favorite after-workout-drink since it is s a good, natural hydration aid and contains potassium that can help your body move nutrients into your cells. Its oil, on the other hand, is very high in healthy fats, minerals as well as vitamins E and K which are all excellent natural nutrients for your hair that can help boost growth and shine as it moisturized the scalp.

So you might want to swap vegetable with coconut oil for high-heat cooking.

Bonus tip! I used coconut oil as my pre-wash conditioning treatment as it is effective in minimizing protein loss. I noticed how the strands of my hear become strong, less vulnerable to damage and can now be easily managed. There’s nothing the curling iron for fine hair can’t fix now!


Almonds are rich with two nutrients that are important in making the skin healthy: vitamin E and flavonoids. It’s very impressive how almonds can help you keep damaging free radicals at bay, including even the oxidative damage that is caused by smoking.

In addition to that, almond is also a great source of protein, fiber while its content of selenium and manganese can help you keep your hair shiny. So make sure you add some almonds into your diet, snacking a handful of it would be helpful enough.


Well, who would have thought that one of the breakfast staples is a serious helper for a healthier hair?  Eggs have sulfur content which is an essential nutrient which helps with almost everything, from liver function to vitamin B absorption.

Sulfur is also very important for keratin and collagen production which help you keep your hair shiny, your skin glowing and even stronger nails.

Final Thought

The secret to making your skin glowing and your hair healthy can’t be found in your make up case. It is in your diet! So get ready to chow your way to better skin and hair. I’m sure your body would thank you for it.

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